Showcasing NuRenaissance


Showcasing NuRenaissance

check out my work!


check out my work!

About Me

My Background


An artist, philosopher, and idealist are the labels best given to this Foxworth, MS native. After a brief residency in New Orleans, he has become a long-time and current resident of Jackson, MS, where he is the founder and president of NuRenaissance.

My Medium


My is style is an unconditionally spontaneous involvement of my personal philosophies, theories, experiences, and creative experiments of the metaphysical this accumulates and energetically burst into a gumbo of creativity never duplicated or replicated. My works are done primarily in oil with an abstracted Afrocentric twist. 

My Inspiration


As an artist my ultimate goal when creating a piece is to bring to life in the minds of his viewers a connection of his thoughts, messages, or philosophies he had by bringing his abstract mind to a physical realm. Instead, of writing a book of words, I’d rather paint a book of images to relay those words.  



The philosophy of NuRenaissance is to inspire and promote individuals who want to better themselves, in comparison to the Harlem Renaissance of the early twentieth-century, the goal is also to attempt to promote self-reliance, self-respect, and self-pride among inspiring African American artists and ALL creative persons from various background united by creativity.


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